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    The appearance of your facial skin has deteriorated? You want to attenuate unwanted brown spots?

    The TCA skin peeling program is a skin treatment that helps the skin of the face and neck appear healthier, cleaner, firmer and younger. It is used to reduce fine wrinkles, fine scars, acne, lesions, large pores and especially dark spots. This skin peel treatment is achieved by stimulating the deep layers of your skin while shedding damaged, superficial cells.

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    “Sometimes a small detail can make a big difference on a person’s morale. I like to see the satisfaction in the eyes of my patients and try to offer them what they’ve always dreamed of.”





    • There is no restriction for age, skin colours or skin types in most cases.
    • The treatment can be performed on face, hand or neck skin.
    • The treatment may cause only slight discomfort.
    • The treatment is divided into two phases: a preparation program for 4 to 8 weeks followed by a peeling program for 15 to 30 minutes
    • A combination of skin products and creams is carefully selected for you by Dr. Fanous to prepare your skin for the peeling.
    • In general, after this treatment, your skin will look more luminous, your wrinkles less visible and your spots less brown.
    • The peel program is an essential step after the preparation stage in order to maintain the improvement of your skin. Ideally, it should be repeated every few years.

    Limited side effects such as spots, itching and redness may occur after the intervention. No need to worry: these effects are usually normal and temporary. The symptoms are also completely painless.

    You are presentable generally 4 to 6 days after surgery.

    No sun exposure is permitted after this procedure for at least 2 months.

    Be patient: your skin will continue to improve during the 6 months following the intervention.

    Although unlikely, a skin peel treatment always involves certain risks: infection, inflammatory reaction, skin discolouration, redness, scars, limited result, etc.

    By following Dr. Fanous’ instructions, some of these risks may be reduced.

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      • «Years of debating and waiting brought me to the office of the best surgeon! I couldn’t be happier with the A+ care and results. The staff and Dr. Fanous treated me with respect and dignity and helped me through the procedure with absolute ease.»


      • «Dr. Fanous did a fantastic job. This was my first surgery and I didn’t know what to expect. The whole process was very comfortable and the results were great as well – very natural looking. I would definitely recommend Dr. Fanous and his wonderful team.»


      • « J’ai adoré mon expérience à la clinique. Tout le personnel est professionnel et attentionné. L’experience du Dr. Fanous et de son équipe à fait de moi une cliente satisfaite à 100%. Je recommanderais la clinique à n’importe qui. Merci pour tout, vous avez changé ma vie! »