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    You would like to feel more feminine? The size of your breast bothers you and affects your self-esteem?

    Breast implants are made of a pliable external envelope enclosing saltwater liquid (saline) or silicone gel (cohesive gel). Dr. Fanous uses the technique he published and taught, called ‘Mini-Incision’. The breast implant is inserted under four muscles rather than one in order to give more support to the implant. Breast tissue is therefore minimally disturbed, and the short scar may be better concealed.

    Patient 1 – Breast augmentation

    Patient 2 – Breast augmentation

    Patient 3 – Breast augmentation

    Patient 4 – Breast augmentation

    Source: The practice of Dr. N. Fanous MD, ORL, FRCS(c)
    Warning: These photos are published for reference only to provide information on the nature of the intervention. They do not constitute a guarantee of results.

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    “Many women are greatly affected by the shape of their breasts. Breast augmentation may allow them to enhance the quality of their daily life.”





    Your breast augmentation … without general anesthesia

    at the Canadian Institute of Cosmetic Surgery

    Saline is much like the fluid that makes up 70% of the human body. If an implant starts to leak, the fluid will be safely absorbed by the body.

    Silicone gel has a more natural consistency than saline, but requires a larger incision.

    – Breast implants are surgically inserted using 1 of 3 traditional incisions that allow the implant to be placed either submuscular or subglandular

    – Breast augmentation takes about 1:30 to be performed.

    • Local anesthesia with sedation is used, without general anesthesia. You can go back home the same day and rest properly.

    In general, you’ll be able to get back to your regular activities within 1 week following surgery. During the recovery time, you’ll be monitored by Dr. Fanous to make sure that everything is under control.   Meanwhile, you’ll also be able to ask all your questions and talk about your concerns.

    As for any surgical intervention, complications are possible but uncommon, such as infection, bleeding, excessive scarring, sensory changes, cutaneous necrosis, asymmetry, numbness, pain, implant rejection, etc.

    By following Dr. Fanous’ instructions, some of these risks may be reduced.

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      • «Years of debating and waiting brought me to the office of the best surgeon! I couldn’t be happier with the A+ care and results. The staff and Dr. Fanous treated me with respect and dignity and helped me through the procedure with absolute ease.»


      • «Dr. Fanous did a fantastic job. This was my first surgery and I didn’t know what to expect. The whole process was very comfortable and the results were great as well – very natural looking. I would definitely recommend Dr. Fanous and his wonderful team.»


      • « J’ai adoré mon expérience à la clinique. Tout le personnel est professionnel et attentionné. L’experience du Dr. Fanous et de son équipe à fait de moi une cliente satisfaite à 100%. Je recommanderais la clinique à n’importe qui. Merci pour tout, vous avez changé ma vie! »