Institut Canadien de chirurgie esthétique

Canadian Institute of Cosmetic Surgery

When you receive our treatments, it is very important for us to be available for you, to insure privacy and to be attentive to your specific needs.
Nothing is more valuable than a personal consultation with Dr Fanous, adapted to your requests and to your specific needs.

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As well, we can suggest to you an introductory FREE MEETING with one of our assistants in order to discuss your particular situation. This meeting will allow you to get interesting information about your needs.
Through this meeting, we wish to create an environment of trust in order to make you feel comfortable with our staff, the ambiance and our techniques.
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Cosmetic surgery

We understand how important a decision on cosmetic surgery is

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Dr. Nabil Fanous and his team will inform you of all the details and risks of your cosmetic surgery and will make sure that you understand all the options that are available to you.
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