• Mini-Rhinoplasty in Montreal




    This is a small cosmetic plastic surgery that is performed on only one part of the nose, when the rest of the nose does not need to be altered.

    The Mini-Rhinoplasty may therefore improve the appearance of one of the following problems: a hump on the nose, a big nasal tip or large nostrils. In general, the operating time is shorter and the fees are lower when compared to those of a complete rhinoplasty. The possible complications are similar to those of a complete rhinoplasty (please read ‘rhinoplasty’).

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    « The face procedures can be crucial in increasing your self-esteem. Each cosmetic surgery needs to be performed gently, with the greatest care. Attention to details, artistic judgment and experience are required. »



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      Dr. Nabil Fanous in the media

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      • «Years of debating and waiting brought me to the office of the best surgeon! I couldn’t be happier with the A+ care and results. The staff and Dr. Fanous treated me with respect and dignity and helped me through the procedure with absolute ease.»


      • «Dr. Fanous did a fantastic job. This was my first surgery and I didn’t know what to expect. The whole process was very comfortable and the results were great as well – very natural looking. I would definitely recommend Dr. Fanous and his wonderful team.»


      • «Dr. Fanous was amazing! When I came for my first appointment he answered all my questions and made sure I was comfortable with my decision. The day of my operation everything went very well, and I didn’t have much pain. I would do it all over again since I love my results so much.»


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