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Cosmetic surgery of the skin

Lip injection in Montreal

Your lips are thin and make you look older than your true age?
Dr Nabil Fanous explains skin cosmetic surgery

Lip injection

The injection of thin lips gives a younger, softer expression. The approach is very simple and popular. Injections are used to fill your lips thus making them more attractive.
Cosmetic surgery of the skin

Awaken your freedom

“The face procedures can be crucial in increasing your self-esteem. Each cosmetic surgery needs to be performed gently, with the greatest care. Attention to details, artistic judgment and experience are required.” DR.NABIL FANOUS
Lip injection Facts

Lip injection

  • Injections for wrinkles and lack of volume (lip, cheek, etc.) gives results that persists for 5 to 12 months, depending on the density of the product injected.
  • Almost no recovery is needed after the injections.
  • No allergy test is required.
  • The injections are gradually absorbed by the body.
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