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Cosmetic surgery of the nose

Rhinoplasty in Montreal

The quality of the result of rhinoplasty depends on the surgeon’s experience, the extent of the surgical modifications required, your body’s ability to heal and how well your skin adapts to its new shape.
“Ultra Closed” Rhinoplasty...just 1 week after!
Her reaction: WOW! Just wow! Result 1 week after rhinoplasty! Nothing makes me happier than hearing my patient’s reactions like this 😊
Surgery: Rhinoplasty and chin augmentation Result: 1 week later
Discover the result...1 year later !
Exactly one year after rhinoplasty, his nose looks great and it will look even better with time Makes me so happy to see my patients smiling and more confident after their procedures! . . .
Surgery: Rhinoplasty Result: 1 year post-surgery
I really liked his technique “ULTRA CLOSED” !
My patient said “I find my result is so nice and so natural!” These are the two things I always strive to achieve for all procedures I do. I am thrilled to hear her words and how happy she is with her rhinoplasty result!
Surgery: Rhinoplasty Result: 1 year and 6 months post-surgery, 6 months and 1 week after the touch-up.
No “Nasal Hump” is Nice…but a NATUREL Result is even nicer!
Look at this special rhinoplasty case! I was able to reduce his prominent hump for a softer side profile. The best part? The natural-looking result looks as if nothing has been done to his nose!
Surgery: Rhinoplasty Result: 1 month post-surgery
Source: The practice of Dr. N. Fanous MD, ORL, FRCS(c) Warning: These photos are published for reference only to provide information on the nature of the intervention. They do not constitute a guarantee of results.
Dr. Nabil Fanous explains cosmetic nose surgery


Rhinoplasty in Montreal (cosmetic nasal surgery) involves removing excess nasal cartilage and carefully filing away excess nasal bone. The surgeon has to change the shape of the nose while keeping its supports and respiratory function intact. It is therefore of the utmost importance to have this work performed by a meticulous and experienced surgeon.
Cosmetic surgery of the nose

What is a "Rhinoplasty" nose job?

“Rhinoplasty” is a cosmetic surgery procedure that alters the appearance of the nose. A rhinoplasty procedure using short incisions inside the nose is performed by Dr. Fanous in Montreal.

"Rhinoplasty" cosmetic nose surgery technique

Dr. Nabil Fanous, an experienced surgeon practicing in Montreal, uses a rhinoplasty technique called “Mini-Incision”. This is a cosmetic nose surgery technique popularized by Dr. Fanous, which is a combination of ‘mini-incisions’ (meaning shorter scars), ‘mini-surgery’ (meaning fewer cuts) and threads used to mobilize tissue without cutting it. This technique of plastic surgery on the nose (rhinoplasty) is effective, with fewer risks and less swelling. In some rhinoplasties, the surgeon may decide to use a cartilage graft (from the nose) or fascia graft (from the ear), or a synthetic implant if he or she deems this necessary to refine the result of “rhinoplasty” cosmetic nose surgery.

Location of scars during cosmetic nose surgery

All scars are short and placed inside the nose. Sometimes, a small incision is made at the base of the nostrils. This usually heals very well.
good result

Important points for a good result after rhinoplasty

According to Dr. Fanous, it’s the “natural look” of the nose that matters most after cosmetic nose surgery.

Nose surgery

Type of anesthesia used for rhinoplasty
As with every other cosmetic procedure he performs in Montreal, surgeon Dr. Nabil Fanous uses local anesthesia with sedation (painkillers). You’ll be asleep, but not 100% as with general anesthesia. So you won’t have a general anaesthetic.
Where does the surgery take place? How long does cosmetic nose surgery last?
Plastic surgery of the nose (rhinoplasty) is performed at Dr. Fanous’ certified surgical clinic in Montreal and lasts about an hour and a half.
Following a nose surgery


Will I have bruising or swelling around my eyes after rhinoplasty?
Usually, you’ll have very little bruising around the eyes after cosmetic nose surgery.
When will I be presentable after rhinoplasty?
You’ll look very presentable a week after plastic nose surgery, but you’ll continue to improve for two to three years after your cosmetic nose surgery because the swelling goes away very slowly.
When can I return to work or school after rhinoplasty?
You’ll need a week to recover from your nasal surgery before returning to work or school.
When can I exercise after rhinoplasty?
You can resume all your exercises one month after your cosmetic nose surgery.
When can I see the final result of my nose after plastic surgery?
You’ll have a very good idea of the final result six months after your rhinoplasty, but your nose will continue to improve for 3 to 4 years.
How can I reduce swelling and edema in the nose after rhinoplasty?
Applying cold compresses to the eyes and cheeks can help reduce swelling in these areas following nose surgery. However, edema needs time to dissipate. Drainage of the fluid in the tissues of the nose area can take up to two to four years to melt before the swelling completely subsides.
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Type of nose

What type of nose requires more experience on the part of the surgeon during rhinoplasty in Montreal?

There are four situations that require more skill on the part of the surgeon during rhinoplasty: Firstly, rhinoplasty can be performed from the age of 16 (end of growth), in both men and women. The ideal age for rhinoplasty is between 17 and 30, when the skin is elastic and thin. After the age of 40, a good result can still be achieved, but a little less than when the patient was younger. Then, if the nose is crooked, it’s a little more sophisticated to correct because the nose is empty on the inside: you can’t move it too much to the left or right. Also, if the tip of the nose protrudes too far from the face, it requires more experience to pull it back. Also, thick nose skin doesn’t contract easily, even if you remove the excess bone or cartilage underneath. Finally, the easiest thing to correct with rhinoplasty is to remove a large bump on the top of the nose!
Frequently asked questions about rhinoplasty


Who is the best rhinoplasty surgeon?
If you’re considering rhinoplasty, and you’re looking for a good, experienced, reputable surgeon with integrity for your aesthetic plastic surgery of the nose, your approach needs to be based on the following seven steps:
1 – Choose one or two surgeons, after doing an Internet search, or after collecting references from friends or acquaintances who have had this surgery.
2 – Check the surgeon’s reputation (this is the most important point). Ask your friends, relatives or colleagues if they recognize the name, and if they’ve ever heard of him or her.
3 – Check the surgeon’s CV. What are his or her scientific publications and academic titles? Does he or she give presentations at medical conferences on cosmetic surgery? Is he or she attached to a university?
4 -Call the clinic for information. Take note of the rapidity of the response and the friendliness of the assistant. Does she take her time to answer your questions? Is she well informed?
5 – Evaluate the clinic during your visit. Is there a warm welcome? Are the premises clean and tasteful?
6 – Assess the surgeon. Is he or she confident?Does he or she inspire confidence?Does he or she seem genuine?
7 – Assess the surgeon’s experience.Has he or she operated on a large number of cases like yours?How busy is he or she?How many years of experience?
How much does rhinoplasty cost?
The price of cosmetic nose surgery, or rhinoplasty, varies, ranging from approximately $10,000 to $14,000. The price depends on several factors: 1- Is the surgeon reputable? The cost is often related to the surgeon’s reputation. 2- Is the surgery difficult to perform? The specifics of the aesthetic problems presented by the nose can determine the level of surgical complexity, and therefore affect the price. 3- The anticipated duration of your surgery: This affects the cost, and fluctuates between 1.5 and 4 hours, depending on the surgeon and the approach chosen. 4- Clinic location: Rhinoplasty costs are somewhat associated with clinic location. A surgical center in the downtown core of a metropolis is necessarily a little more expensive than one located in a small municipality or in the suburbs. 5- The anesthesia technique used: This is also a factor in calculating the total billed.
How can I finance and afford rhinoplasty?
Be careful. Several financing options are often available, but some are more flexible and less expensive than others. A good tip to follow is to compare all these proposals before making a choice, as well as making sure that each financing method is transparent.
How to change the shape of your nose without surgery? What is rhinoplasty without surgery?
If you dread having rhinoplasty surgery with all the associated risks, there may be a scalpel-free option for you! This is “medical rhinoplasty”, employing an injection of hyaluronic acid, a viscous material that gradually resorbs in a few months or up to a year. This technique is useful if there is a part of your nose that would benefit from being raised, filled or refined by this substance. Although this technique is less invasive than surgery, it is not without risks, as the nose is a highly vascularized anatomical region of the face. A misplaced injection can block one of the nasal vessels and have serious consequences, despite the extremely rare chances of this happening.
What's a good nose? What's the most aesthetic nose?
A good nose is a balanced nose. It’s neither prominent nor drooping, and neither too big nor too small. But above all, a beautiful nose should have a natural, non-operated look, meaning it should be almost invisible when you look at the face.
How can I get a natural nose after rhinoplasty?
A natural-looking outcome is probably the most important point that defines the success of a well-done nose job.
Why have rhinoplasty? And what is the purpose of rhinoplasty?
The ideal goal of rhinoplasty is to produce a nose that is balanced and in harmony with the other features of the face, but above all a nose that is natural in appearance. The beauty of the nose is certainly important, but the natural appearance is more important. It’s important to understand that the size of the nose is not the only factor to consider in rhinoplasty. A nose that’s too small can look ugly. It’s the silhouette of the nose when viewed from the side, and the variations in this contour when viewed from the front, that make the nose beautiful and natural-looking. What’s more, total symmetry of the nose is never possible, as the two halves of the face are very different from each other, and this applies to the nose too.
Do I see or hear anything during my rhinoplasty?
You see and hear nothing at all during rhinoplasty.
Does plastic nose surgery hurt?
“Rhinoplasty” cosmetic nose surgery is painless during the surgical procedure. There is very little pain or discomfort after the operation.
Does the doctor break my nose during rhinoplasty?
During rhinoplasty at our Montreal clinic, Dr. Nabil Fanous files away excess cartilage and bone, and sometimes moves the nasal bone very gently.
Does the Doctor use wicks in my nose?
Dr. Nabil Fanous doesn’t use wicks in his rhinoplasties, but only gelatin, which doesn’t hurt at all and goes away on its own.
Scientific article published by Dr Fanous on Rhinoplasty

How to correct a prominent nose (when the tip of the nose sticks out too much)

Proper projection of the nasal tip is an essential element of successful rhinoplasty. Multiple correction methods and maneuvers have been proposed in the medical literature to correct a prominent nasal tip, complicating the surgeon’s dilemma of choosing the ideal course of action…

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