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Cosmetic surgery of the face

Cheek surgery in Montreal

Your cheeks tend to sag and make you look older than your true age?
Dr. Nabil Fanous explains facial cosmetic surgery: cheek augmentation.

Cosmetic surgery of the face

Sagging of the cheeks can be improved by fat or hyaluronic acid injections. Using implants may also be possible after analyzing your needs and your condition.
Cosmetic surgery of the face

Your cheek surgery … without general anesthesia

“The face procedures can be crucial in increasing your self-esteem. Each cosmetic surgery needs to be performed gently, with the greatest care. Attention to details, artistic judgment and experience are required.” DR.NABIL FANOUS
Cheeks surgery Facts

Cosmetic cheek surgery

  • When the check correction is performed with implants, a surgical incision is made inside the mouth or nose in order to introduce one implant similar to rubber sponges in each cheek.
  • Cheek surgery takes about 1 hour to be performed.
  • Local anesthesia with sedation is used, without general anesthesia. You can go back home the same day and rest properly.

Rétablissement après l'augmentation des joues

Some numbness of the cheeks may be experienced for a few days following surgery. No need to worry: this is normal and temporary. During the recovery time, you’ll be monitored by Dr. Fanous to make sure that everything is under control. Meanwhile, you’ll also be able to ask all your questions and talk about your concerns.
Risks and Inconveniences

Important points for a good result after surgery

As for any surgical intervention, complications are possible but uncommon, such as infection, bleeding, excessive scarring, sensory changes, cutaneous necrosis, asymmetry, numbness, pain, implant rejection, etc. By following Dr. Fanous’ instructions, some of these risks may be reduced.
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